WordPress White Screen of Death Fix

Having been a WordPress user for less than a year I was distresssed to discover a problem with my WordPress Portfolio site.

The problem was a blank white screen on trying to log in to the site.

The site itself appeared fine, and my login page at www.domainname.com/wp-admin looked ok. But once I entered my username and password I was greated with only white. A quick google search revealed I was not the only victim of this oddity. The error has been affectionately named the ‘White Screen of Death’. This name is an obvious homage to the ‘Blue Screen of Death’ experienced by Windows users, and the ‘Red Ring of Death’ that signified the demise of a number of XBox360 consoles.

A number of fixes and possible soltions can be found on the WordPress forum and other websites.

How did I do it ?

The solution I found was to disable all my plugins and then restart them one by one.

Disbaling your plugins is easy if you’ve got access to your Dashboard but not quite so easy if you don’t.

I was able to use the file manager via my Web hosting services control panel. Instead of edit multiple wp files I simply renamed the plugin folder found in the wp-content folder, to plugins.stop. Once renamed I was able to log in to my Dashboard. I then renamed my plugin folder to it’s original name logged back in to the site and delete all unused plugins and activated the one’s I wanted to keep one at a time. I suspect this would ok if you renamed all the folders with the plugin folder, e.g. pluginone.stop, and then renamed them to their orignal names one at a time.

Instead of using a web based control panel to access files you could use an FTP client to access you WordPress installation files. Instructions on using FTP and WordPress can be found here.

A solution without editing file via FTP or control panels is suggested here. This solution uses a web browser to gain access to the Dashboard so you an deactivate the plugins the easy way.

I accept no resposibility for any damages or data loss resulting from attempting these solutions. If you are not sure what to do then you should probably seek expert advice / assistance.







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