Crisis Resource Management

What is Crisis Resource Management (CRM) ?

Crisis Resource Management (CRM) training focuses on the non-technical skill required for effective teamwork in a time critical scenario.

The principles of CRM originated in the aviation industry’s Crew Resource Management training. The majority of health system based CRM has occurred in Anaesthetic training, although it is increasingly being used by other specialities.

Principles of CRM

  • Know your environment
  • Anticipate, share, and review the plan
  • Ensure leadership & role clarity
  • Communicate effectively
  • Call for help early
  • Allocate attention wisely
  • Distribute the workload

How does a crisis occur ?

Combination of factors, including:

  • Latent errors in the system
  • Predisposing factors
  • Psychological precursors
  • Triggering event

Thinking in A Crisis – Where people go wrong ?

This is a nice article by Stiegler et al. looking at cognitive errors that occur in anaesthetic emergency scenarios.

The top 10 errors found by this study were:

  1. Anchoring
  2. Availability bias
  3. Premature closure
  4. Feedback bias
  5. Confirmation bias
  6. Framing effect
  7. Commission bias
  8. Overconfidence bias
  9. Omission bias
  10. Sunk costs

Another good post on cognitive errors in medicine can be found here.




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