Web Based Education: Pro’s & Con’s

This post will list some of the Pro’s and Con’s of web based education.


  • Asynchronous
      • Allows access to learning resource independent of time or teacher
      • Allows access independent of geography / institutional affiliation
  • Provides access to learning for motivated learners
  • Use material in differing formats e.g. pictures, text, video, audio
  • Accessible from multiple platforms e.g. desktop computer, tablet, smart phone
  • Facilitates formation of educational networks independent of geography
  • Allows access to a wide-range of educators and education resources
  • Facilitates access to experts within fields e.g. Dr Smith’s ECG Blog or Amal Mattu’s EKG Videos
  • Web resources allow educators to store and collate learning resources
  • Ease of access
  • Information dynamic & current in comparison to journals & text books
  • Not limited to single language e.g. embedded Google Translate
  • Educational encounters are repeatable e.g. rewatch video, re-read page


  • Asynchronous
      • Requires motivated learner to access resources
  • Requires computer equipment
  • Requires basic / competent computer literacy
      • For both educator & learner
  • Requires internet access
  • Associated cost both for educator’s, e.g. domain hosting, software; and learners, e.g. computer equipment, internet access fees.
  • Access to resources may be limited by institutional network policies
  • Information not peer-reviewed
  • Difficult to validate on-line learning experience for both learner and educator
  • Learner is isolated from teacher – no or limited feedback
  • Rapid increase in on-line learning resources with resultant information overload & information dilution
  • Limited  recognition of on-line learning in training curriculum’s
  • Ensure professional standards maintained e.g. on-line comments must be appropriate, consent for multimedia must be obtained, ensure confidentiality maintained, in-line with institutional / governing body regulations.
  • Division of learners & educator’s
      • Those who do and those who do not access web-based / e-learning


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